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  • 'Anonymous' WH official who wrote about officials thwarting Trump reveals himself news

    Miles Taylor, the former chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security, revealed himself Wednesday as the author of an anonymous 2018 New York Times op-ed that depicted President Trump as a danger to the nation.

    Wed, 28 Oct 2020 17:11:00 -0400
  • Bobulinski Claims Documents Prove Joe Biden ‘Lying’ about Lack of Involvement in Hunter’s Influence Peddling news

    Tony Bobulinski, a former business associate of Hunter Biden, has accused Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden of "lying" about whether he was directly involved in his son's foreign business dealings."When he states that, that is a blatant lie," Bobulinski said in an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson that was aired Tuesday.The former U.S. Navy lieutenant and corporate investor added that he almost walked out of the second presidential debate, which he attended as President Trump's guest, when the former vice president claimed again that he had no knowledge of his son's business dealings and was not involved in them."In that debate, he made a specific statement around questions around this from the president," Bobulinski said. "And I'll be honest with you, I almost stood up and screamed 'liar' and walked out because I was shocked that after four days or five days that they prep for this, that the Biden family is taking that position to the world."Bobulinski was the former CEO of SinoHawk Holdings, which he said was a partnership between the CEFC China Energy conglomerate and the Biden family. He was the recipient of a May 13, 2017 email that discussed a plan to have 10 percent in their related joint venture, Oneida Holdings, “held by H for the big guy?” The "big guy" was Joe Biden, and "H" was Hunter, Bobulinski confirmed.Bobulinski also slammed Democratic efforts to discredit his claims about the Bidens' business dealings by dismissing it as Russian disinformation, singling out for particular criticism Democratic congressman Adam Schiff, who said on television that this "smear" of Biden "comes from the Kremlin.""To have a congressman out there speaking about Russian disinformation or Joe Biden at a public debate referencing Russian disinformation when he knows he sat face to face with me, that I was traveled around the world with his son and his brother, to say that and associate that with my name is absolutely disgusting to me," Bobulinski said.Bobulinski told Carlson that Schiff's baseless disinformation claim motivated him to come forward with what he knew of Biden family corruption.The former business associate of the Bidens also said he was warned by former partner Rob Walker that going public with information about the Bidens would "bury all of us."In a recording of a phone call between Bobulinski and Walker, which Carlson aired, he told Walker that if the elder Biden "doesn't come out on record, I am providing the facts.""Don't say this Tony, you're just gonna bury all of us, man," Walker responds in the recording."Throughout 2015 and 2016 while Joe was still the sitting vice president of the United States, these guys had been doing extensive work around the world," Bobulinski said, adding that "the only qualification they had was the Biden name.""They're able to set up meetings and get people to jump through hoops in an interest to garner favor with the sitting vice president, Joe Biden," he said.The American people "can form their own conclusion" about the Biden family's business dealings, Bobulinski added.

    Wed, 28 Oct 2020 10:31:36 -0400
  • Lev Parnas associate David Correia pleads guilty to fraud and lying news

    Correia and Parnas faced charges of campaign finance fraud and of duping investors in a company called "Fraud Guarantee" out of more than $2 million.

    Thu, 29 Oct 2020 12:07:00 -0400
  • 'A big win for justice!': Texas officials scrap rule that would allow social workers to deny LGBTQ, disabled clients news

    After backlash, Texas officials have reversed a rule that would have allowed social workers to turn away clients who are LGBTQ or have a disability.

    Wed, 28 Oct 2020 00:32:19 -0400
  • Our Favorite Home Decor Pieces From the Second Annual Etsy Design Awards

    No description related. Click here to go to original article.

    Tue, 27 Oct 2020 17:41:09 -0400
  • Qatar to investigate 'invasive' exams of women at Doha airport news

    Australia has expressed anger over the airport incident which had aimed to check if women had given birth.

    Wed, 28 Oct 2020 12:15:32 -0400
  • 2020 polls: Can Trump pull another 2016 upset? The data says no chance news

    The blue wave is coming - if you believe the polls

    Thu, 29 Oct 2020 11:59:21 -0400
  • Amidst a second COVID-19 lockdown, Macron is facing mounting international backlash and a boycott of French goods over his comments about Islam news

    French Muslims and anti-racism activists worried about a rise in hate crimes as a result of diplomatic tensions and new Charlie Hebdo row.

    Thu, 29 Oct 2020 04:20:18 -0400
  • Tourist, 12, and guide lose limbs in shark attack at Sharm El-Sheikh news

    A young Ukrainian tourist lost an arm and an Egyptian tour guide lost a leg in a rare shark attack over the weekend off Egypt's Red Sea resort of Sharm El-Sheikh, officials said on Tuesday. The attack took place on Sunday when two tourists - a mother and her son - and their tour guide were snorkelling in Ras Mohammed national park, the Environment Ministry said. The injured were taken to a nearby hospital and an initial investigation showed that the attack involved a 2m-long (6-foot) Oceanic Whitetip shark. The ministry did not release details of the injuries, but a statement by Ukraine's State Agency for the Development of Tourism said that the 12-year-old boy was in intensive care, and that surgery had failed to save his arm. An Egyptian health official said that the family's guide had lost a leg, and the mother suffered light injuries. The health official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to brief the media. Officials have closed the area of Ras Mohammed National Park where the attack took place. Shark attacks have been rare in the Red Sea coastal region of Egypt in recent years. But in 2010, a spate of shark attacks killed one European tourist and maimed several others off Sharm el-Sheikh. Sharm el-Sheikh resort at the southern tip of the Sinai peninsula is one of Egypt's major tourist destinations that offers European tourists a warm and quick escape from frigid winter temperatures on the continent. Divers are drawn by the steep drop-offs of coral reefs just offshore that offer a rich and colourful sea life. Authorities have in recent years sought to revive the vital tourism sector battered by years of instability and, more recently, the coronavirus pandemic.

    Tue, 27 Oct 2020 22:37:01 -0400
  • Who do Americans blame for lack of second stimulus deal? Here’s what a new poll shows news

    Negotiations surrounding another COVID-19 relief package have hit a dead end until after the election.

    Wed, 28 Oct 2020 12:18:12 -0400
  • Telescope gives closer look at asteroid worth $10,000 quadrillion news

    16 Psyche is one of the most massive objects in the solar system's main asteroid belt — and it appears to be made entirely of metal worth approximately $10,000 quadrillion.

    Wed, 28 Oct 2020 13:30:59 -0400
  • FBI arrests five in U.S. accused of trying to coerce political dissenters to return to China news

    A note left on the door of one victim read, "If you are willing to go back to mainland and spend 10 years in prison, your wife and children will be all right."

    Wed, 28 Oct 2020 13:45:00 -0400
  • Pilot killed as Taiwan fighter jet crashes into sea news

    A Taiwanese pilot was killed Thursday after his fighter jet crashed off the island's eastern coast during routine training, the air force said, in the second fatal air crash in three months.

    Thu, 29 Oct 2020 01:09:25 -0400
  • Megyn Kelly slams Sunny Hostin over SCOTUS comments: ‘More intentionally dishonest than stupid’ news

    Megyn Kelly is no stranger to controversy and being called out on social media, but this week she was the one taking the offensive against Sunny Hostin for what she believes to be “intentionally dishonest” rhetoric. Hostin, who serves as a co-host and political analyst on The View, slammed the Republican Party on Tuesday for stealing seats from the Democrats and pushing through right-wing judges in their place. “We all know the Republican Party has been packing the Supreme Court for decades,” Hostin said.

    Wed, 28 Oct 2020 12:45:43 -0400
  • Jeff Van Drew, congressman who ditched Democrats for Trump, struggling in reelection race news

    A congressman who switched from the Democratic Party to join Republican ranks is struggling in his ace for reelection.

    Wed, 28 Oct 2020 09:03:01 -0400
  • Hillary Clinton joins Electoral College 4 years after it cost her the presidency: 'Pretty sure I'll get to vote for Joe' news

    Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, is one of 29 Democratic electors for New York state in 2020.

    Wed, 28 Oct 2020 23:43:18 -0400
  • A mutated coronavirus strain causes most new COVID-19 infections in Europe and was spread within the continent by tourists, scientists say news

    The coronavirus variant, known as 20A.EU1, has been identified in 12 European countries as well as in Hong Kong and New Zealand, scientists said.

    Thu, 29 Oct 2020 06:46:02 -0400
  • Angela Merkel heckled in German parliament after warning against Covid 'lies and disinformation' news

    Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, was heckled by opposition MPs during a speech to parliament on Thursday when she took aim at groups spreading "lies and disinformation" as the country continues to battle coronavirus. The speech – which took place the morning after Mrs Merkel announced a range of sweeping measures to tackle the spread of the virus – warned that the German people find themselves in a "dramatic situation". On Thursday morning, Germany recorded 16,774 new daily coronavirus infections, the highest number of new cases within a 24-hour period since the pandemic began.

    Thu, 29 Oct 2020 07:59:07 -0400
  • Trump rushes struggling GOP senator at rally: 'You got one minute, they don't want to hear this' news

    President hurried Arizona Senator Martha McSally before calling up three politicians from other states - plus Nigel Farage - to address the crowd

    Thu, 29 Oct 2020 04:24:21 -0400
  • Tony Chung: Hong Kong activist detained near US consulate charged news

    Tony Chung was detained as he reportedly planned to claim asylum at the US consulate.

    Thu, 29 Oct 2020 13:32:54 -0400
  • He was drunk and fighting with his girlfriend. Then out came the pumpkin, police say news

    A common autumn and Halloween decoration was used as a weapon in Largo, Florida.

    Wed, 28 Oct 2020 11:52:40 -0400
  • Polish president backtracks on abortion view amid protests news

    “It cannot be that the law requires this kind of heroism from a woman,” Duda said in an interview.

    Thu, 29 Oct 2020 06:39:00 -0400
  • China's Communist party leadership says to promote Taiwan's reunification with mainland: Xinhua

    No description related. Click here to go to original article.

    Thu, 29 Oct 2020 06:35:48 -0400
  • A couple has lived in a 130-square-foot tiny house for 5 years — here's what a typical week looks like for them news

    As part of the "A Week in My Tiny House" series, Alexis Stephens and Christian Parsons show the reality of living in a tiny house with your partner.

    Thu, 29 Oct 2020 14:47:14 -0400
  • USPS admits delivery times are plummeting, says there's no "constitutional right" to timely delivery news

    USPS data shows that less than 70% of first-class mail arrived on time on Wednesday — and only 42% in Philadelphia

    Thu, 29 Oct 2020 14:03:54 -0400
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez warned Rep. Ted Yoho that she won't be 'so nice next time' following harassment incident news

    "You do that to me again, I won't be so nice next time," Ocasio-Cortez told Yoho the day after he verbally attacked her on the steps of the Capitol.

    Wed, 28 Oct 2020 19:08:43 -0400
  • VMI to remove statue of Confederate Gen. Stonewall Jackson news

    The Virginia Military Institute’s board voted Thursday to remove a statue of Confederate Gen. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson that currently stands in front of the historic barracks on campus, a school spokesperson said. Spokesman William “Bill” Wyatt said the board also voted to take a number of other steps toward addressing issues of diversity, including directing the adoption of a diversity hiring plan and creating a permanent diversity office. The moves come as VMI, the nation's oldest state-supported military college, is facing an outside investigation into what Virginia officials have characterized as a culture of “structural racism.”

    Thu, 29 Oct 2020 14:19:48 -0400
  • Rudy Vents to Trump That Bill Barr Is Screwing Up His Hunter Play news

    Weeks after Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani first pushed the Hunter Biden files and a collection of sordid dirt to the New York Post in a last-ditch effort to drag his client across the 2020 finish line, both he and the president, as well as several of Trump’s political lieutenants, have grown frustrated at the lack of impact it’s had.But rather than conceding that the broader public might not be interested, Trump and Giuliani have instead put the blame for the failure to break through in part on Attorney General William Barr.In the aftermath of the New York Post reporting earlier this month—for which Trump had personally greenlighted Giuliani’s decision to act as the paper’s source—the former New York City mayor has spoken with President Trump both about the Hunter Biden materials and what could be done about them from a law enforcement perspective, according to a White House official and a source close to Giuliani. Recently, the president and Giuliani discussed their mutual frustrations with the lack of action from Barr and FBI Director Chris Wray saying that the emails and Hunter files have provided legal ammunition to probe the Bidens, the person close to Giuliani said.The Trump attorney had also advised the president that the events of the past two weeks underscore why Trump should fire Wray, arguing that it shows that the current FBI director is an anti-Trump subversive, according to the White House official. This official was not aware of Giuliani making as harsh a comment about Barr. Reached for comment on Wednesday night, Giuliani told The Daily Beast: “I don’t comment on my conversations with my client.”Rudy Rages at Fox Biz Host for Comparing Him to Christopher Steele: ‘You Better Apologize for That!’The FBI has declined to confirm or deny if it’s even investigating the Hunter Biden-related emails and images, and the bureau and Justice Department have remained tightlipped on the issue. There is a long-standing institutional aversion to publicly talking about these types of investigations this close to a presidential election—though there is still no evidence at the moment that one even exists, much to the consternation of much of Trumpworld.Were Barr to make any announcement, said Matt Miller, the former director of the Department of Justice’s public affairs office, it would be a seismic politicization of the agency.“Barr announcing an investigation at this point would make Jim Comey’s actions in 2016 look quaint by comparison. Comey at least wasn’t trying to hurt Clinton and he wasn’t getting involved at the behest of a candidate and his attorney,” said Miller. “A Barr announcement would be a full banana republic-style intervention in the political process. DOJ shouldn’t even be taking any new investigative steps involving either candidate at this point unless there is some reason to believe those steps couldn’t wait until after the election.”In their private conversations, Giuliani has mentioned to Trump that Barr could be up to something that he and others simply do not know about, but that he thinks it’s unlikely, according to the source close to Giuliani. Trump campaign officials, meanwhile, do not appear to be banking on any intervention.“We have one week left,” said one senior Trump campaign official. “I don’t think Bill Barr is going to ride into town and save the day.”The resignation from both the campaign and Trump and Giuliani specifically, underscore the degree to which the president’s team was banking on an “October surprise” against the Biden family to change their political fates. It also illustrates the disappointment they’re experiencing that it hasn’t played out the way they’d hoped.“Why aren’t they doing anything?…What the hell are they waiting for?!” President Trump has exclaimed to some close advisers this month, according to two people who’ve heard him say this.Trump Is Looking to Fire FBI Director Chris Wray for Not Helping His Campaign: ReportTrump’s displeasure with Wray has long been brewing, with the president angling to oust the FBI director if he wins reelection. But last week, Trump took to his favorite morning cable-news show to signal his displeasure at Barr as well.“We’ve got to get the attorney general to act,” the president said on Fox & Friends. “He’s gotta act, and he’s gotta act fast, and he’s gotta appoint somebody.”While Trump has grumbled about Barr’s inaction on television, it’s likely that he hasn’t done so in person. According to two individuals with knowledge of the matter, the president has been counseled by some senior aides that he should avoid picking up the phone and telling Barr directly that the Justice Department needs to open a new investigation into the Bidens prior to the election, arguing that if such a call leaked, it would cause more political headaches than it’s worth.“The president responded like, ‘I know, I know,’” one of these sources said, adding that Trump suggested he wouldn’t do it.White House spokespeople did not respond to requests for comment on this story. Justice Department spokeswoman Kerri Kupec declined to comment on Thursday morning.On Monday, Giuliani went on the Fox Business program hosted by Lou Dobbs to argue that his findings “could be used in a court of law…There's a trial here that could be done that would be fabulous for a trial lawyer, I'd love to try it.”Dobbs, who moonlights as a Trump adviser and confidant, then contended that the FBI and Justice Department “don't want any part of trying cases against prominent Democrats” in recent years. He then called out the U.S. attorney general: “Where is William Barr? He’s gone radio silent!” Dobbs said.The Right Way and the Wrong Way to Cover Hunter BidenHunter Biden is accused of using his father’s name to help advance his foreign business ventures. And former associates have said that Joe Biden was aware of those activities and occasionally involved in them. But the elder Biden has strongly disputed that and news outlets have found no evidence that he profited off of his son’s work. Though the president, Giuliani, and other Trump loyalists continue to obsess over the story, there are signs that his reelection campaign staff have tiptoed away from the strategy.As The Daily Beast reported on Monday, almost two weeks after the Post began dropping stories on Hunter and Joe Biden this month, Trump’s 2020 team has barely utilized the material in its paid media. It hadn’t mentioned the Biden son in ads on its Facebook or Instagram accounts since October 13. And even America First Action, the major pro-Trump super PAC, had not namechecked Hunter Biden at all in its TV or Facebook advertising since then as well.“It appears from what’s been uncovered so far that Hunter Biden was trading on his father’s name in order to make money for himself and his family. The question the DOJ has to answer is whether that constitutes a federal crime,” Steven Groves, who previously served as a lawyer and then spokesman in the Trump White House, said on Wednesday.He added, “The DOJ first must determine whether a crime has been committed. Second, it has to decide if it’s a federal crime that falls under its jurisdiction. And third, it has to decide if a special counsel is necessary, for instance if there’s a conflict of interest such that the Justice Department would not be able to conduct the investigation through its regular process. So there are several steps before getting to the point where Attorney General Barr would be able to come out and announce anything.”Read more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

    Thu, 29 Oct 2020 10:30:19 -0400
  • SCOTUS: N.C. ballots can be counted up to nine days after election news

    The Supreme Court will allow absentee ballots in North Carolina to be received and counted up to nine days after Election Day.

    Thu, 29 Oct 2020 07:32:29 -0400
  • Jeff Bezos may be considering purchase of CNN, according to bankers news

    Rumours of the purchase stem from investment bankers discussing the potential sale

    Wed, 28 Oct 2020 20:35:00 -0400
  • Body of missing hip-hop artist found in trunk after Miami car crash news

    Robert Deupree Avery Coltrain was arrested and charged with illegal transport of human remains and second-degree murder in the death of Brian Trotter.

    Wed, 28 Oct 2020 00:17:00 -0400
  • Egypt says freedom of expression 'stops' when Muslims offended news

    Egypt's President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi said on Wednesday freedom of expression should stop if it offends more than 1.5 billion people, following the display of images in France of the Prophet Mohammad that Muslims see as blasphemous. Sisi also said he firmly rejects any form of violence or terrorism from anyone in the name of defending religion, religious symbols or icons. The Grand Imam of Egypt's al-Azhar university, one of the world's most eminent seats of Sunni Muslim learning, also called on the international community to criminalise "anti-Muslim" actions.

    Wed, 28 Oct 2020 05:30:14 -0400
  • Everybody is moving to Miami during the pandemic. Honestly, we’d rather you didn’t news

    So you want to move to Miami.

    Wed, 28 Oct 2020 13:58:08 -0400
  • A man waved a sword at a woman blocks away from a polling place, warning her to 'vote for Trump' and photographing her license plate news

    A man attending a Trump rally in Beverly Hills on Saturday wielded a sword and threatened passersby to vote for Trump, a viral TikTok video showed.

    Wed, 28 Oct 2020 17:33:37 -0400
  • Row over basmati rice causes latest India and Pakistan friction news

    Tensions are once again boiling over between India and Pakistan - only this time over basmati rice, the long-grained aromatic staple of dinners around the world. Islamabad has taken offence to New Delhi’s plans to seek permission from the European Union (EU) to export the grain as a product unique to India, known as protected geographical indication (PGI). Other products the EU currently recognises as having PGI status, described as possessing “qualities, reputation or characteristics relating to its place of origin”, include Stilton cheese and Scottish whisky. Pakistan fears that if India is able to obtain this qualification standard, it will suggest that Indian basmati rice is superior to the Pakistani equivalent and harm its exports. Currently, the EU imports two-thirds of its approximately 900,000 metric tonnes of basmati rice annually from India, although Pakistan makes up the remaining third.

    Thu, 29 Oct 2020 14:13:53 -0400
  • 'I Voted' stickers, ballot selfies, catwalks: These celebs are ready for the election news

    Lizzo, Jennifer Aniston, America Ferrera and other stars are showing off their civic pride with "I Voted" stickers, ballot selfies and runway walks.

    Thu, 29 Oct 2020 16:13:10 -0400
  • 'Bar Rescue' host Jon Taffer says he was 'surprised' by Trump's plan to save the hospitality industry in their podcast interview news

    Taffer said he also offered Joe Biden an interview to try to get both candidates' plans to help bars and restaurants recover from the pandemic.

    Wed, 28 Oct 2020 18:32:20 -0400
  • Justice Thomas's wife spreads unfounded Biden claims, asks followers to repost news

    The wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is using her Facebook page to amplify unsubstantiated claims of corruption by Joe Biden.

    Wed, 28 Oct 2020 07:24:40 -0400
  • Mitch McConnell’s approval drops nationwide despite political win with Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination news

    Only 16 per cent of respondents say they felt better about Mr McConnell’s job performance

    Thu, 29 Oct 2020 15:47:16 -0400
  • At least 2 killed, 7 injured in Tennessee school bus crash news

    The school bus was struck by a utility service vehicle operated by Service Electric that lost control and veered into oncoming traffic.

    Wed, 28 Oct 2020 07:23:00 -0400
  • Woman Beheaded in French Knife ‘Terror’ Attack at Church, 3 Dead news

    Three people have been killed—including one elderly woman and another person by decapitation—and several others injured in a suspected terror attack inside the Notre-Dame basilica in the French city of Nice. The knife-wielding assailant, who was wounded by police gunfire, allegedly yelled “Allahu Akbar” several times, including while he was being detained, in what has come to be known as a battle cry for Islamic extremists in Europe.The city’s mayor, Christian Estrosi, wrote immediately after the killings that “everything suggests a terrorist attack,” and said the unnamed suspect had been arrested and taken to a hospital in the city. The Paris’ anti-terror prosecutors office said it has opened an investigation. Italian police said late Thursday that the killer is a 21-year-old Tunisian migrant who was smuggled to the Italian island of Lampedusa in September. After he completed the mandatory two-week COVID-19 quarantine, he left the migrant camp and made his way to France. Authorities have his details and fingerprints as part of the immigration process and are working with French police. “The suspected knife attacker was shot by police while being detained. He is on his way to hospital, he is alive,” Estrosi told reporters at the scene. Although a motive has not been confirmed by officials, the mayor expressed his wish to “wipe out Islamo-fascism” from the country.French President Emmanuel Macron declared a state of emergency and ordered security to be strengthened at places of worship across the nation. On Wednesday night, Macron had put France back into lockdown because of its out-of-control resurgence in coronavirus cases. Hours after the attack, he visited the basilica and met with security and rescue personnel.The Nice slashings occurred on the same day that an assailant was shot dead by police near another French city, Avignon, after he reportedly waved a gun at officers, and also as a guard was reportedly attacked outside the French consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.Local reports in the French Riviera city say the elderly woman and a man who died were attacked inside the heart of the Nice basilica. The BBC reports a woman who fled to a nearby cafe was stabbed many times and died at a hospital, and that a witness at the scene managed to set off an alarm on a “special protection system” set up by city officials. One eyewitness told the BBC: “We heard many people shouting in the street. We saw from the window that there were many, many policemen coming, and gunshots, many gunshots.”In July 2016, Nice was the scene of unthinkable carnage when an armed French delivery driver attacked a waterfront Bastille Day fireworks party with a truck, killing at 84 people, including 10 children. France has been under high alert for terrorist acts in recent weeks as 14 people suspected of murdering 12 Charlie Hebdo staffers, a female police officer, and four men in a Jewish supermarket in 2015 in retaliation for the publication of cartoons of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad went on trial.As the courtroom proceedings opened, two people were stabbed near the publication’s old offices in Paris on Sept. 25 in what the French interior minister then declared was “clearly an act of Islamist terrorism.”The Nice attack also comes less than two weeks after the beheading of middle-school teacher Samuel Paty in Paris after he had shown his students cartoons published by the satirical magazine.Estrosi said the two attacks were similar. “The methods match, without doubt, those used against the brave teacher in Conflans Sainte Honorine, Samuel Paty,” he said.Family of Moscow-Born Teen Who Beheaded Teacher Were from Chechnya Where Charlie Hebdo Cartoons Are DemonizedPresident Macron delivered the eulogy at Paty’s funeral, and said France would not abandon its right to free speech. “We will continue, Professor. We will defend the freedom that you taught so well and we will promote secularism, we will not renounce caricatures, drawings, even if others retreat,” Macron said. “We will continue the fight for freedom and the freedom of which you are now the face.”Macron’s comments have drawn sharp criticism in the Islamic world with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan calling for a boycott of French goods. In response, Charlie Hebdo published a caricature of Erdogan in his underwear lifting a Muslim woman’s skirt on Wednesday, drawing scorn from Erdogan for what he referred to as a “a grave insult to my prophet.”Read more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

    Thu, 29 Oct 2020 05:20:20 -0400
  • Mexican president slams European coronavirus lockdown measures news

    Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Wednesday blasted European countries for adopting strict lockdowns to stem the spread of coronavirus, suggesting they smacked of authoritarianism. Germany and France were on Wednesday preparing to announce restrictions approaching the level of spring's blanket lockdowns as COVID deaths across Europe surged. National or local authorities have already imposed nighttime curfews in several European countries, including France, Spain, Italy and the Czech Republic.

    Wed, 28 Oct 2020 14:17:51 -0400
  • Democratic senator Doug Jones stakes re-election bid on threat to voting rights news

    Alabama senator sounds alarm over state’s voting restrictions and calls for new extension of the Voting Rights ActAmid an unprecedented number of early votes cast in the 2020 election cycle, Alabama senator Doug Jones is staking his electoral fortunes on framing his re-election campaign around the threat to voting rights, especially in his native deep south.Jones, a rare Democratic senator in a red southern state, has been sounding the alarm on his state’s burdensome voting restrictions. He’s been dinging his opponent over comments about a landmark voting law and he’s arguing that in an age of high partisanship in America there’s a path for lawmakers to reinforce national voting laws.Jones, the Alabama Democrat who was elected to his Senate seat in a 2017 upset race, is also calling for a new extension of the Voting Rights Act, the set of voting protections that were gutted in a ruling by the United States supreme court seven years ago. That ruling struck down a core provision of the law which required nine states to seek federal approval before changing their election laws. Those states were required to seek federal permission because of a history of enforcing voter requirements that dramatically affected minorities.Jones has repeatedly bashed retired coach Tommy Tuberville, the Republican nominee for Jones’s seat, for failing to offer a concise position on the Voting Rights Act.“It’s not that he couldn’t articulate a stance, he couldn’t articulate what the hell it is,” Jones said in an interview with the Guardian.During a 1 September appearance with service organizations in Alabama, Tuberville was asked whether he supported extending the Voting Rights Act. His response suggested he had no idea what the law is.“You know, the thing about the Voting Rights Act it’s … you know … there’s a lot of different things you can look at it as, you know, who’s it going to help? What direction do we need to go with it?” Tuberville said. “I think it’s important that everything we do we keep secure.”Jones has been contrasting Tuberville’s remarks with his own position on the Voting Rights Act.“I think they should do everything they can to get it extended,” Jones said.Jones’s re-election campaign has also turned the clip of Tuberville’s comments into digital media ads. Jones is the heavy underdog in the race. Most polling has found Tuberville leading Jones in the traditionally conservative state by double digits. An 11 October poll conducted by Fm3 Research on behalf of the Jones campaign showing the senator leading Tuberville by one percentage point. Even so, Tuberville is widely expected to defeat Jones and Donald Trump is all but certain to win Alabama decisively on 3 November.> I just think it took the election of Donald Trump to see how much their vote counts> > Doug JonesJones finds himself running for re-election in a year that’s seen record turnout in early voting, in part because of the pandemic. More than 66 million votes have already been cast, with no sign that that record breaking pace will let up. Jones himself benefited from high turnout in 2017 and unprecedented enthusiasm from African American voters in the state.Now, as he’s running for re-election in a year where there’s both high voter participation across the country and an active discussion about barriers to voting, Jones is sounding the alarm on Alabama’s own voting requirements.“The fact of the matter is Alabama has just a really burdensome absentee ballot process,” Jones said. “Most absentee ballots in the past have been by mail. And to do that you’ve got to get an application from the secretary of state or your local election official, fill out the application – which in and of itself is not too difficult – but then you’ve got to make a photocopy of your photo ID and send that along. Not everybody has a printer or a scanner at their home, and so that is burden number one.“Not to mention the fact that it has to go through the mails, come back to you with the ballot, and then you have to take the ballot, mark the ballot, put it in their special envelope then put that envelope in another envelope that has to be signed by you exactly the way it is on the voting rolls. Which is not necessarily your usual signature, but the way you are on the voting rolls, and then you’ve got to have two people witness it or whatever. It’s incredibly burdensome.”And, Jones said, if every step isn’t followed correctly, “that ballot is shoved aside and is likely not counted”.While high-ranking state lawmakers in other states have taken steps to compensate for voting during an ongoing global pandemic, the Alabama secretary of state, John Merrill, has refrained from easing voting restrictions although he has allowed county courthouses to take early absentee votes. But there are only two county courthouses in Jefferson county, where the senator lives, which has, Jones said, effectively acted as yet another impediment to voting.All of that, Jones continued, is an example of how unnecessarily difficult voting can be in Alabama.“And I think voting across the country needs to be a little bit more uniform. What we’re seeing in Alabama is that early voting can work if they could use the technology to streamline it and just make it early voting, I think that could help a lot. And I think that would get the numbers up, which is the goal for everybody,” Jones said.Even with all that, Jones predicted that Alabama would see “a record number of absentee ballots cast in this election”.The state has already beat previous records and there are still days before the actual election.Asked if he was surprised about the record turnout across the state and elsewhere, Jones said he was not.“I just think it took the election of Donald Trump to see how much their vote counts. I think there are so many people that stayed home, that thought that Hillary Clinton was going to win, or that their vote just didn’t count,” Jones said. “I think now what we’ve seen is an interest to make sure their votes count because it does matter.”

    Wed, 28 Oct 2020 05:30:39 -0400
  • A North Carolina pastor is accused of peeing on a woman while she was sleeping on a Delta flight news

    "I jump up and I seen his private area out and I screamed and that woke everybody up," Alicia Beverly told a local news outlet on October 14.

    Wed, 28 Oct 2020 13:35:14 -0400
  • Miami Beach ‘concerned about a surge’ as 26 more employees test positive for COVID-19 news

    The city of Miami Beach is “concerned” about a string of new coronavirus cases in its workforce, mainly among police and fire-rescue personnel.

    Thu, 29 Oct 2020 17:08:07 -0400
  • Asked if it's safe to hold rally amid surging COVID-19 infections, White House spokesperson notes Pence has 'the best doctors' news

    White House spokesperson Hogan Gidley really missed the point of this question.On Wednesday, CNN's Alisyn Camerota questioned Gidley on Vice President Mike Pence's upcoming rally in Wisconsin, where COVID-19 is spreading rampantly. "Hospitals in Wisconsin are near capacity," Camerota noted, asking if that gave Gidley or Pence "any pause about going there and holding a big rally."The implication of Camerota's question was the safety of rallygoers, who would likely pack in to see Pence and potentially spread the coronavirus even more. But Gidley didn't catch that, saying "the vice president has the best doctors in the world around him," and they've "come to the conclusion it's fine for him to be out on the campaign trail."> CNN's @AlisynCamerota: "Hospitals in WI are near capacity. Does that give you any pause about going there and holding a big rally?"> > Trump 2020 Press Sec. Hogan Gidley: "No, it doesn't … the VP has the best doctors in the world around him."> > -- The Recount (@therecount) October 28, 2020Joe Walsh, the Republican who challenged President Trump in this year's presidential primary, had an R-rated interpretation of what Gidley meant. > .@JHoganGidley, translated: "Fuck all the people coming to our rally. We don't care about THEIR health. The Vice President will be safe. That's all that matters."> > -- Joe Walsh (@WalshFreedom) October 28, 2020More stories from How to make an election crisis 64 things President Trump has said about women Republicans are on the verge of a spectacular upside-down achievement

    Wed, 28 Oct 2020 10:43:00 -0400
  • Australia's extreme lockdown brought coronavirus cases in its epicenter to zero. It may also have prevented a third wave. news

    For 111 days, Melbourne residents were only allowed to leave their homes for essential purposes like exercising or grocery shopping.

    Thu, 29 Oct 2020 07:53:00 -0400
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg should have retired under Obama to prevent Trump from filling her seat, says Bill Maher news

    ‘She should have taken the hint,’ says Mr Maher

    Thu, 29 Oct 2020 13:44:35 -0400
  • 'Please don't shoot my son': Man killed by police needed mental health help, family says news

    His relatives said they called 911 requesting an ambulance and hoped he could receive medical intervention. But police arrived first.

    Wed, 28 Oct 2020 18:41:00 -0400
  • Allegiant passenger removed over flight attendant's mask demands apology from airline news

    John Peterman states he was denied a request to speak with the plane’s captain to lodge his complaint that a flight attendant was not wearing a mask.

    Thu, 29 Oct 2020 14:32:42 -0400
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